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Great Britain is currently one of the best study abroad destinations around the world. Places like Bristol, Cambridge, University of London and Manchester are some of the top universities in England. The answer many frequently asked questions on studying in England, Wales, Scotland. Why study in England?


English is the mother tongue for many people in England and Wales, hence you will have no problems when it comes to speaking, writing and performing your academic options. The English school system – what do you study in England? There are many colleges and universities that offer various degree courses in England and Wales. There are many students who opt for an English degree course because they are interested in learning more about the English culture as well as the English academic standards. Some of the popular courses offered by the colleges and universities include the Anesiology of the Human Body, English Grammar and Literature and The Queen’s Studying Years.


There are many top universities in England like University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, University of Durham and University of East Anglia. They are just few of the famous universities in England. If you are planning to visit England, you can even book cheap flights to Bristol or Edinburgh to get a glimpse of these top universities. If you are planning to visit England, Wales or Scotland then the best option for you is to get to study in England, Wales or Scotland. This will give you a chance to study different, English academic options like the University of Reading, University of Glasgow, University of Birmingham, University of Cambridge and University of Durham.


It is one of the oldest universities in England. Its beauty and reputation can be seen from its history book, ‘The University of Oxford’. The University of Bristol is also situated in the beautiful city of Bristol. Its teaching and research facilities are very good and it can compete with other big universities around the world. Many students from all over the UK and around the world to study in Bristol.


In the next lines we will be going to the University of Cambridge, which is located in England’s capital city. Cambridge is among the top universities in England and is famous among the academicians and researchers from around the world. It’s home to various top universities including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Cambridge University. Cambridge is known for its contribution towards the field of science and technology and is a hub for many research labs. Many students go to study in Cambridge because of its rich educational facilities, eminent professors and great student life.


University of Cambridge is also a hub of international students and is a great place to study and to have a holiday break. It has a great location as it is situated at the heart of England. It attracts a large number of international students on holiday and brings them here to study. Cambridge has various options for studying abroad including the Staying and study in England program which is one of the popular programs with international students. International students can also study in University College London, which is the oldest University in England.


University of Bristol is the third largest University in England and it is located at the heart of England. It attracts a large number of students from all over the United Kingdom, Europe and America. Bristol offers many options for study abroad such as the International Student Study Abroad Program, European Study Abroad Program, South East Asian Business Study Abroad Program and the European Working Holiday Program. Students who want to spend their gap year between graduating and starting their professional career can choose to study in Bristol and earn a degree or they can also opt for a summer course.


After having explained these three most important factors about studying in England I will briefly discuss the different countries that are great suitable for students studying in England. Students who want to spend their gap year in England should therefore check out the country listed below which could be an interesting study destination for them. The four countries that I am going to mention are Ireland, Scotland, Jersey and Bermuda. In Ireland students studying Gaelic language, Irish Music and Dance, Irish food and drink, and Medieval traditions and cultures can enjoy their stay in Ireland. The weather in Ireland is quite nice and students will have no trouble finding jobs in the cities like Galway and Cork.

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