Actual review of Nintendo Switch Lite

Actual review of Nintendo Switch Lite

After touching the Nintendo Switch Lite for $ 199, my first impression was exactly what I expected – and that’s a good thing. Nintendo’s smaller mobile switch looks great, feels great, and there are some welcome upgrades to the standard switch, as long as you’re only interested in games on the go.

Convert the size

When I chose Switch Lite, the first thing made me feel easy and comfortable. The Nintendo Switch is only 0.60 pounds (down from 0.88 pounds compared to the old model) and its 5.5-inch screen has a much thinner top and bottom, compared to the Switch’s standard 6.2-inch screen . 

I wouldn’t call the exact size of the Switch Lite pocket (unless you have a large pocket), but it occupies a nice middle position between the Nintendo 3DS and the standard Switch for portability. I didn’t rush to turn off my regular switch, but the panel initially felt a bit more loaded than usual after spending an afternoon with the smaller model.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Switch Lite’s soft, translucent shell, which provides a solid grip and less fingerprints than the glossy tablet from the original model. And I like the color options, each with a white and white button. I especially like the turquoise model, but the yellow and gray versions look great. It feels like a return to Nintendo days to launch handsets in tons of exciting palettes. (Side note: If Nintendo ever created the purple GBA style Switch, I’ll buy two.)

Press the buttons

The Switch Lite doesn’t have a detachable Joy-Cons like its sibling, but the control aspect is more or less the same. The shoulder buttons feel clogged, the analog bars feel soft and pressed, and the front buttons – with the letters A, B, X and Y engraved instead of painted – create a solid and sensitive feel. 

Of course, the biggest change is the introduction of an appropriate D-pad in the “+ Control Pad” form of Switch Lite. Although I wanted to be a bit bigger, the Control Pad allowed me to run accurately and jump through difficult platform segments in  Super Mario Maker 2  and perform precise drifting angles in  Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

I still like the feeling of control of I  D-Pad , but Switch Control Pad Lite is definitely a step up from four separate directional button Joy-Con. I was especially pleased to test it on the Switch  platform  and  fighting games

The 5.5-inch, 720p Switch Lite display looks similar to the Switch’s standard color and brightness screen when I surpass Mario Maker, Mario Kart and  Breath of the Wild . I’m not bothered by the lack of HD sound system in this game, but I’m curious about the game seriously  will have a feeling of how to respond, such as  Super Smash Bros. Finally  and  Splatoon 2

The Tegra X1 system will last 3 to 7 hours on the road – a little longer than the original switch (2.5 to 6.5 hours), but not as long as the 2019 Switch update, which is rated up to 9 hours and  admirable work. in our tests .

Bottom line

Switch Lite was created to be exactly what it wants to be: a smaller, cheaper Switch designed for people who are only interested in playing in handheld mode. Lite orientation pads and matte finish are nice benefits, and the dashboard is lovely (especially turquoise and yellow).

As someone who divides the time between a TV and a handheld device, I have no intention of removing my existing Switch for a smaller model. It remains to be seen how cloud-saving and system transfer will work between the two, as some of Nintendo’s core fans may want Home Switch and Lite Switch for the road. But if you’re waiting for a cheaper Switch and have the content to keep it portable, the $ 199 Lite looks like a solid entry point in the Switch’s great library of games .

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