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Review Sega Genesis Mini

Review Sega Genesis Mini I really never thought I’d see a console like the Sega Genesis Mini. Blame the years clearly, copy authorized plug-and-play. While Nintendo has created a love-building trend, dedicated  to classic hardware , Sega has signed its name since the half-baked approximation has constantly destroyed its own heritage. So you’ll be sorry […]

Actual review of Nintendo Switch Lite

Actual review of Nintendo Switch Lite After touching the Nintendo Switch Lite for $ 199, my first impression was exactly what I expected – and that’s a good thing. Nintendo’s smaller mobile switch looks great, feels great, and there are some welcome upgrades to the standard switch, as long as you’re only interested in games […]

Review Logitech G Pro X

Review Logitech G Pro X Logitech has designed headphones G Series Pro X his new ,   with the idea of professionalism and desire. The headset is simplified, comfortable and powerful, and most of its extras are super focused on gadgets for the competitive crowd. Normally, this might prevent a more casual audience, but the G […]