How to customize the Galaxy Note 10’s Display settings

How to customize the Galaxy Note 10’s Display settings

The Galaxy Note 10  and  Note 10 Plus have some of the best smartphone screens on the market right now. Samsung’s dynamic AMOLED technology produces rich colors, stunning contrast and sharp details. However, there are a few options that you may want to change for the best video, TV show, app and movie.

Here’s what we recommend customizing the Note 10 screen.

How to change screen mode (color configuration) on Galaxy Note 10

One of the best things about Samsung phones is that it often gives users the ability to adjust screen colors to their liking. So if you prefer more natural colors, off, you can leave the device. However, if you want saturated, vibrant colors, making the most of dynamic AMOLED screens in Note 10, you’ll want to focus on settings and change them.

1.  Open Settings.

2.  Touch screen.

3.  Touch screen mode.

4.  Select Vivid  if you want the colors to be more saturated. The sample image above will allow you to naturally compare stocks with Vivid.

5. If you want better control over the screen presentation, you can select the slider at the bottom to adjust the white balance between cold and warm and dig deep into the advanced settings to change the color strength red, green and blue.

How to change screen resolution on Note 10 Plus

This special setting is only available on Galaxy Note 10 Plus, because the phone has a higher resolution, WQHD + screen. The default setting is to display all content in FHD + resolution, although you can reach 3040×1440 entirely in phone settings. Just be aware that improving the resolution can consume more power and reduce battery life.

1.  Open Settings.

2.  Touch screen .

3.  Touch the screen resolution .

4.  Select WQHD +  if you want to take full advantage of the original screen resolution. Instead,  choose HD +  if you want to save more energy than standard FHD + settings.

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