How to switch your nest account to a Google account

How to switch your nest account to a Google account

Google has announced plans to abandon the  Working with Nest program , where you can connect devices to smart home  Nest heaters Nest Cam and  Nest Protect smoke detectors . Instead, Google plans to integrate everything into  Google Assistant  and Google Home. This means that anyone with a Nest account will need to convert them to a Google account for additional support, as well as new integration with smart home devices. 

Warning before you begin: Google Assistant does not currently support all  integrations of Nest Works, and moving your Nest account to a Google account is irreversible. Before you begin this process, make sure that Google Assistant supports the integrations you need.  

Here’s how to move your Nest account to a Google account.

1. Before getting started,  you’ll need two things: your Google Account and your Nest app  (available for  Android  and  iOS ) upgraded to version 5.38.

2.  Open the Nest app and select the gear icon at the top right. 

3.  Select Account.  In the next screen that appears, select Move to Google Account.

4.  On the next screen, select Continue with Google  to begin the migration process.

5.  If you have a Google Account , a window will appear showing “” Nest “want to use” “to sign in.”  Select Continue.

6.  If you already have a Google account, select the Google account you want to link . If you do not have a Google account (or want to create a new account), you will be prompted to do so. 

7.  Click Allow to allow Nest to access your Google Account.

8.  Select Next to disconnect Work with Nest to continue migration.

9.  The following screen shows all your work with Nest connections , which will be disconnected when you switch to a Google account.

10.  Select Next in the Combine your house tab.

11.  Select the Google Homepage you want to use and click Next.

12.  Select the family members you want to share your Google Nest Home account with. This way, they will be able to use smartly connected devices, such as locks and smart lights. You can invite up to five people.

13.  The following screen will show all the people you have invited, as well as all the smart home devices you have connected to your Google Home account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Agree” if you want to share these devices. If not, select No invite. If you choose the latter, your Google and Nest homes will be combined, but no one will be invited.

14.  Check the e-mail addresses of the family members you intend to invite and click Continue. If not, select Reload. 

15.  Select the following to review Google’s Privacy and Terms of Privacy Policy.

16.  The following screen details how your data will be used from Nest devices as well as from Google Assistant.  Here you can also view your Google Account settings. Select Continue at the bottom of the page.

17.  Select Complete migration  to accept the terms and move your Nest account to your Google account. 

18.  Select the type of notifications you want to receive from Google , then click Next at the bottom of the page.

19.  You have all prepared. Select Done at the bottom.

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