Review Sega Genesis Mini

Review Sega Genesis Mini

I really never thought I’d see a console like the Sega Genesis Mini.

Blame the years clearly, copy authorized plug-and-play. While Nintendo has created a love-building trend, dedicated  to classic hardware , Sega has signed its name since the half-baked approximation has constantly destroyed its own heritage.

So you’ll be sorry to expect the same thing from Genesis Mini. Even after the M2 retro experts have confirmed that they are at the forefront of the project, there is always an unpleasant feeling that something is not going to be good. The dream of a Genesis simulator box being developed at the same quality level as one of the studio’s Sega Ages ports seems too good to be true.

Today, I easily said that it was not. The Genesis Mini appears on September 19 for $ 79 and comes with 42 great games. Sega fans have come a long way to get here, though I think they will find their patience worth the wait. Because this is not just the best reissue of the company it produces – it’s the new standard for retro panels, this period.

What do you get 

The Mini Mini Library lasted eight years from the 16-bit console life cycle, from Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle to the curious gate of Virtua Fighter 2, which was quietly pushed by Sega in 1997, so fans The grave has not been updated to Saturn. I do not feel compared.

But that is not all you have here. Sega has thoughtfully included the English version of Monster World IV, which was ported to the Wii Virtual Console in 2012. And to close the list, there are two new Genesis-style ports, Darius and Tetris, coming from the opposite. arcade arcade. . Tetris is a bit harsh, and certainly it is no substitute for the Tetris effect – though that’s an important thought. 

Distribute it on price and pay less than $ 2 per game. This is a crime, even though Sega fans have been burned by retro hardware more than a few times before. The company’s previous efforts to license a series of Genesis games for traditional gaming consoles ended in Walgreen’s customs baskets, thanks to the unimaginable combination of uninterrupted software. Thought and the perfect hardware.

This makes it even more special when Sega has used the M2 retro mavens to oversee the development of the Genesis Mini. Of course, M2 has borrowed its talent to rebuild some of the titles in the portfolio behind Sega over the years, so the publisher couldn’t find a better dance partner to take care of Genesis hits. mine.

The control panel offers a variety of experiences across different genres, and each run is as you expect. I was playing chicks with future traffic in Road Rash II; Crazy chain in the middle car of Dr. Robotnik; quickly discovering that they were awful interwoven between stalagmites and enemy fire at Darius; and thieves and swallowing saliva with lead pipes in Streets of Rage 2. Talking about Streets of Rage, fans will be happy to meet their composer, Yuzo Koshiro, who contributed a new melody to the stage. Main image of Genesis Mini. . In fact, it is written using the same Yamaha YM2612 Sega audio chip used in the original hardware.

The list of games won’t satisfy everyone, but then, what is the list of retro consoles? While I can personally complain about the lack of timely Sega riders like Out Run, Super Hang-On and Super Monaco GP and can hear the screams from afar complaining about the absence of Battletoads and Aladdin, this is a pretty good experience about Genesis. We’re here Even Disney’s Castle and World of Illusion titles are on the list, very impressive in terms of licensing. PlayStation Classic , this certainly is not. 

Polish to perfection

If your 16-bit choice system is SNES, there’s probably nothing Mini Mini can do to convince you to join Sonic in any future school action. Plug-and-play consoles are all about games and how well they played from the start. All others are secondary.

That being said, I am starting to think that Sega may have licked Nintendo when it comes to convenience and the overall user experience here. The cables on the Genesis Mini controller are 6 meters long – one meter longer than the cables on the SNES Classic board and twice as long as you get with NES Classic. The reset button on the control panel will select the system boot menu as you expect, allowing you to save and load up to four states. However, you can also access the same menu by holding the power of the controller for 5 seconds. Thank goodness.

Hardcore retro fans will appreciate the inclusion of 4: 3 and 16: 9 display modes in the Genesis Mini options, as well as a CRT filter that makes things look crazy and scan-like, if You are the same. M2 is said to have designed a 16: 9 mode so that it becomes a game (instead of extending the display field horizontally) and sends the corresponding HUD elements to maintain the original graphics ratio of each game. play. It is an admirable testament to the reputation of the Polish studio – although I would probably never have realized it if I hadn’t talked about it for the first time.

But my favorite things about Genesis Mini are the hidden secrets in the 42 games list. We already know that Sega is building three variants of the console: one for North America and Europe, one for Japan and one for Korea and China. For example, all regions have a number of titles, such as Gunstar Heroes, although some have exceptions – such as Vectorman and ToeJam & Earl, only available in Western units.

Hidden in the settings menu of Genesis Mini is a fairly harmless language option. Changing your system language to something other than the default will not allow you to access game selection in that area, although it will change the main screen design and in some cases. ,  even the  proper ROM .

This is a good tip, because it allows you to test slightly different versions of the title that you may be familiar with. For example, most European players probably never played the heavier, uncensored version of Castlevania: The new generation, titled Vampire Killer in Japan. Similarly, if you’ve never really been interested in Sonic, but you love Puyo Puyo, changing the system language to Japanese turns the average parked car into the original version without a hedgehog. . (When it comes to finding ways to play Kirby’s Avalanche, you have to do it yourself.)

If I had a slight push I had to place the Genesis Mini, this is a remarkable feature you won’t find on the dashboard. Unlike SNES Classic games and SNES recently launched on Switch Online, Sega’s little nostalgic box has no running function. This means you can’t back down every frame if you make a mistake (and you’re sure to be at Darius). Purists certainly won’t cry because of this omission, although I was leaning a lot when I dealt with the toughest SNES Classic titles, like Contra 3 – so I definitely felt Its absence here. 

Your hardware is worthy

There’s not much to say about the Mini Mini’s industrial design – although in this case, that’s not a bad thing. It’s really a shaky Genesis (about 55 percent smaller), with all the right marks, printed text and logos. In fact, the headset volume slider moves and the cartridge slot opens and closes, even when there’s no purpose.

Build quality is similar to previous Nintendo sets with its own classic hardware. The attention to detail extends to the Genesis Mini controller pair, which looks exactly like their original counterparts, but still has a USB connector. (Also works on PC – I tried.)

Unfortunately, these controllers come in a variety of 3-button types, which is quite annoying when playing Street Fighter II: Champion Edition or Virtua Fighter 2. Fortunately, you can navigate one of the  licensed Retro-Bit cards. Official  replacement if desired. and  will set you only 20 dollars . (In Japan, Mega Drive Mini comes with a 6-button controller. Odd.) 

Bottom line

The Genesis Mini is more than just a lovely piece of plastic; It’s nearly as perfect as any retro panel I’ve ever used. In fact, in addition to the aforementioned control options for Western markets, as well as the lack of stocks, I try to think about areas where Sega may have improved here. (And monitoring the controller is pretty easy to fix, if you spend a little extra.)

It’s a compilation of the best hits Genesis has ever deserved. Get an array of classics and variety, great M2 emulation and a more absentee quality of life in Nintendo’s retro hardware, all packed in a small box that any Sega fan Can also proudly put on the table. You cannot argue with any of this.

Similarly Mega Sg  certainly provides a more accurate and comprehensive way to consider Sega’s golden age of 16-bit for the most serious retro enthusiasts, but it also costs $ 200. In terms of convenience and value, the Genesis Mini is unmatched. And it forces Nintendo, Sony, Konami, SNK and anyone else interested in revisiting the game’s golden age to promote it.

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